UMDF and FMM Combine to Advance Mission


The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) and the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine (FMM) are excited to announce they are combining to advance their synergistic missions of advancing research, education and patient support for treatments of mitochondrial disease.   

UMDF is honored to welcome FMM, its members and donors.  We applaud the hard work and amazing accomplishments FMM has achieved for the benefit of the entire patient, scientific and medical community.

Below are the answers to frequently asked question about this exciting combination for the benefit of patients, families, and the scientific and medical community.

Why did FMM decide to combine with the UMDF?

FMM has been exploring the strategic opportunity for consolidation and integration as the right thing to support the patient community, generate greater critical mass and create a bigger collective voice for all mitochondrial disease patients.  FMM was fortunate to have several alternatives and prospective partners for consideration, with the goal of securing a like-minded relationship to harvest the plantings of its good work and, most importantly, carry on its legacy.  UMDF and FMM have worked closely together for several years on joint issues and events, including the Southeast Symposium for Mitochondrial Medicine, Rare Disease and Mitochondrial Disease Awareness events, and most recently, the creation of the Mitochondrial Care Network of leading medical centers across the United States.

What are the benefits for the patient community through this combination of organizations?

  • Improve disease education and awareness

  • Better support pharma with a bigger voice

  • Serve greater numbers—offer broader continuum of programs and services

  • Garner greater visibility

  • Financial and operational efficiencies

  • Generate broader array of funding sources

  • Build larger market share, better market positioning

  • Address unmet priority areas of research and advocacy

Why did FMM choose UMDF for this combination of organizations?

Since 1996, UMDF has provided education and support to patients and families and has been a fervent advocate in favor of issues that impact the entire mitochondrial disease community.  Since its inception, UMDF has awarded more than $13 million in research towards treatments and cures. FMM has found a wonderful partner to serve greater numbers and improve disease education and awareness as UMDF is strongly committed to serving all of those affected by mitochondrial disease. UMDF presents an outstanding partner to carry on the good work FMM has done throughout the last eight years and is committed to carrying on the FMM legacy through a continuation of FMM brands, programs and relationships. 

When does the combination of the two organizations officially take effect?

Effective January 1, 2019, FMM will transition its daily operations to UMDF, and UMDF will acquire FMM branded assets, including the firefly, the web of connectivity and the successful Hope Flies™ fundraising and programming initiatives.  FMM team members will not assume roles within the combined organizations.  UMDF looks forward to engaging FMM Board members in ongoing volunteer leadership roles and welcoming the FMM volunteer community.

What will happen to programming and fundraising efforts developed by FMM?

UMDF plans to continue to leverage FMM programs such as the Hope Flies Health Series as part of ongoing education and community and clinical engagement programs.  As the two organizations merge into one, FMM is enthusiastic about the consideration UMDF will give to the Hope Flies™ brand and other supporting assets, including the Firefly and Web of Connectivity. Additionally, UMDF is considering ways to include FMM events like Hope Flies Catch the Cure and Hope Flies Athlete, among others for future programming and fundraising initiatives.

How will UMDF continue research started by FMM for the community?

UMDF is eager to expand the research relationships FMM has built with key partners like the Michael J. Fox Foundation, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and others.

How will we learn more about the combination of FMM into UMDF as we move forward into 2019?

UMDF will host an introduction and community engagement gathering in Atlanta for FMM stakeholders (patients, clinicians, researchers, donors).  The goal of the gathering will be to both acknowledge the FMM community for its amazing work and support and to introduce stakeholders to UMDF and the exciting look ahead.  The target date for this event will be in early 2019.  UMDF wants to continue to have an open and honest dialog with all stakeholders and will provide updates as needed.

If you would like to view the news release announcing this exciting combination, it can be viewed here.